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My Story


Hello! I’m Sush.

Would you like to make your money go further because I know I do. I also want to look and feel great. So let me ask you a few questions … 

  • Do you want to travel without your monthly income taking a substantial hit?
  • Do you want the freedom to decide your schedule and be able to attend school plays and sporting events?
  • Do you want more quality time at home with your family?
  • Have you always dreamt of having your own business?

Sudden health issues meant leaving a 20+ years career in corporate pensions. After exploring new skills and interests like cake making, jewellery making and holistic therapies I joined Forever, The Aloe Vera Company in 2014. Why? Simply put - to get the insider’s product discount! I felt like “me” again as my health dramatically improved. People noticed the change and asked what I was doing. I told them I had been drinking Aloe Vera juice. When they asked where could they get some from I answered: “ME” and before I knew it, without even trying, my business had started. I have now built up a useful income with Forever which keeps coming.

Over many years of business networking I heard often about Utility Warehouse and in 2019 I finally became a Partner Distributor. It was great to know I could save my customers real money on basic every day essentials like gas, electric, broadband, mobile phone and more whilst earning at the same time. I was also able to save them the time consuming chore of shopping around and to offering them one simple easy monthly bill.

I have enjoyed helping families make great savings on essential services so much that when I came across another opportunity to save on their travel I was keen to offer it to my customers too.

Knowing the headaches budgeting the household books can be, I am ecstatic when I can help others get out of debt and live their dream lifestyle.

Work with me and I will show you how you can make one or more of these businesses work for you.
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Professional Bio

Sushma Bragg
Sush’s story is inspirational and her message is motivational. By drawing on her own experiences she can deliver an entertaining and inspiring speech. She often talks at trainings and presentations.

Sush can offer a personal insight into how to transform from a shy, single mum into an international business person. By drawing on her own experiences she can deliver an entertaining and moving speech. She can target a talk to individual audiences and is happy speaking to hundreds at a conference or seminar or in a smaller, more intimate, training presentation or corporate gathering or dinner.
Sush can offer insights and knowledge on a range of relevant business building strategies. Some of the topics she specialises in are:
Motivational speaking
Team building
Women in business events
Stepping outside the comfort zone
Goal setting
Overcoming limiting fears
International networking
Social media as a business tool
Building a successful business
Business start-ups

Thanks for looking

I hope you enjoyed discovering my hard work success story where I've consciously learned new skills, followed a proven system and surrounded myself with ambitious and positive people. My passion has always been in helping others.
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