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Do you Boomerang? Yes ibuumerang!

JOIN MY VIP TRAVEL CLUB FOR FREE and save up to 30% on your next trip.

No cost No catch!

This allows travel to be more enjoyable, more convenient and less expensive.

We don't put together packages. That's what travel companies do. We have a technology that allows you access to that travel inventory so that you, our customers can experience travel differently than you’ve ever experienced before. 

As a customer, you have your own travel booking platform for FREE... Free to join & Free to use. No monthly subscription, No selling, No rejection and No recruiting. Simply saving friends and family money when they travel.

Just go to igobuum.com and enter the code you will get from me and your details.

You will have access to your VIP travel platform for life via bookings.igo4less.com

Hotels Holidays Rental Cars Cruises and much more...
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iBuumerang ...a business opportunity

Do you boomerang? Yes iBuumerang

iBuumerang is a technology company, it’s an industry disruptor, similar technology to Uber, Amazon, Airbnb and is breaking all records globally. With all that’s going on in the world, we have still had a 12% growth in May 2020.

By creating a first-class consumer experience and a Perpetual Residual Income Builder (PRIB), we will move the industry from an old model (where customers pay more for their products and services and only the strong recruiters win).

The new model will only allow you to Make Money when your customers SAVE Money!

That means they will pay less for their products and services than what they can find anywhere else online or offline!

Do you buumerang? If you don’t yet, you will soon!

Just 3 simple steps:

  1. Send them a free code
  2. They book travel and save money
  3. You get PAID!
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I hope you enjoyed discovering my hard work success story where I've consciously learned new skills, followed a proven system and surrounded myself with ambitious and positive people. My passion has always been in helping others.
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