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After listening to Sush's regular presentations about Forever Products, and also hearing in general how beneficial Aloe Vera is in general, I decided to give the natural Aloe Gel drink a go. It took about a month before I really noticed a difference and the taste is certainly an acquired one, and took dedication to stick with it but.. I actually like it now!

I certainly feel much healthier all round and realise it is important to make drinking it a continual part of my daily routine. I have even got my Father drinking it daily too, I haven't heard him complaining about his arthritis for sometime, so I think that it is doing good for him too.

Drinking Forever's top quality Aloe Vera gel daily, is money well spent on my health and wellbeing and would thoroughly recommend.  

Thank you Sush.
Lucinda Hoff

Lucinda Reddyhoff

Graphic Design, Hoffhouse Design
I held an Aloe Vera coffee morning for Sushma and would like to testify that she was very efficient, first at bringing in her products on a table with the minimum of fuss, and once my guests arrived, without any seaming effort, she soon had them listening with interest to what she had to say about her products, as she handed out differently flavoured Aloe Vera drinks for all to sample. She wasn't pushy or hard selling , was full of interesting information about Aloe Vera and her gentle nature came over in a positive and pleasing manner as people tried and tested her various samples. Somehow Sush has mastered  the art of informing people of her products - and selling them - in a very quiet yet efficient manner. Once my guests had departed, she was packed up and on to her next port of call, with again, the minimum of fuss. The guests enjoyed the morning and I am now enjoying my daily doses of Aloe Vera while my shampoo allergy has been alleviated by Aloe Vera shampoo, both purchased at a discount as a thank you for holding the party.

I hope this testimony will be helpful to others thinking of having an Aloe Vera occasion.

Thank you Sush 
Valerie Anckorn, Therapist

Valerie Anckorn

I would like to share how fantastic I have found both Sushma and the Forever Living products that she represents.

Sushma really knows her products and is happy to let potential customers 'try before they buy' as well as offering a money back guarantee. I suspect that she never needs to honour this guarantee as all of the products that I have used have delivered more than I expected.

I've been drinking the Aloe gel for over  four months now and can say that I feel fantastic as a result. I have avoided the bugs and lurgies that were being shred around in the early part of the year and always have loads of energy, definitely more than I should when I'm busy. I've also used some of the Forever Living hair care products and am really impressed with the results.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sushma and Forever Living, together they really can help improve your health and wellbeing.
Jenny Darroch

Jenny Darroch

Finance Professional

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