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Finalist at Peterborough Small Business Awards 2018

15th May 2019

This is my first blog on my business website.

My business was launched in 2014, after I was successfully using the aloe products for my health.

Things have gone from strength to strength since I began networking with various networking groups including Talk Network, 4N, The Unique Mumpreuner, BNI and the Gravitas Connections.

Each organisation is unique, yet the common denominator is that I have met some fantastic people, had a lot of fun, helped many business owners and grown my business too.

How far I have come in that time! I was honoured to be a Finalist at the Peterborough Small Business Awards 2018 in the Network Marketing Category. The Awards Dinner was a glamorous affair and an amazing experience. It was great to be there and it was enough to reflect on my achievements on the way. Best of all my teenage children came to see me like this. How wonderful!

Sushma Bragg Family
Sushma Bragg Family

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I hope you enjoyed discovering my hard work success story where I've consciously learned new skills, followed a proven system and surrounded myself with ambitious and positive people. My passion has always been in helping others.
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