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Mind, Body & Spirit at Festival Too Kings Lynn

11th July 2019

I am delighted to welcome my first guest blogger on my new website, Stella Gooch of Stella Gooch VA. Stella has helped me to grow my skills and knowledge of social media and blogging and was kind enough to support me at a Mind, Body & Spirit event. (The video at the end captures the atmosphere of the event and will only take a minute or two to preview.)

Guest blog by Stella Gooch

Festival Too is a big annual event in Kings Lynn, Norfolk in late June/early July. On Saturday, 7 July 2019 I was invited to attend and support Sushma Bragg with her Forever Living Aloe Vera stand at the Mind, Body & Spirit event. This wonderful event was organised by Emma Elderfield of Purple Events and was fundraising for next year's Festival Too. Emma is noted for being at the heart of a wide variety of events which offer spiritual guidance and support for your wellbeing. Look out for details on social media (Facebook in particular) if this is your kind of thing.

I had no idea there was a ballroom to the rear of the Duke's Head Hotel on the Tuesday Market Place but now I know. What a beautiful and versatile space for any event.

The other stall holders were busy setting up when I arrived and already you could feel a vibrant buzz around the room and it lasted all day long. Sushma arrived soon after I did and we soon had her Aloe Vera display looking the business and ready for visitors. The doors opened to the public at 10am and there was a steady stream of interested visitors all day long. There was a wide variety of beautiful gifts on offer and some very interesting therapies to help improve our all round health too.

Dee is ready to welcome her visitors

Sushma introduced me to the delightful Dee who had a stall with lots of beautiful gift ideas including Angel and Tarot Cards, crystals etc. It was here that I bought my first ever pendulum - a lovely Amethyst crystal - once Sushma had shown me how they worked. What a revelation to feel the crystal's energy build up and actually make it move to answer questions. I look forward to much fun with it.

Treasured Frames & Gifts by Sheryl had some beautiful glass gift ideas, all very original. There were even candles with beautiful aromas.  Sam McHugh of Magnetix Wellenss UK was there with her Magnetix jewellery. All fab gift idea with a great selection for males and females - or perhaps you might like a treat for yourself.

Matters of the Mind

Nicky Elmer is underway with a hypnotherapy session

For those focused on the mind there were several great therapy opportunities. In particular, I did talk to Wisbech based, Hypnotherapist Nicky Elmer and found her very engaging and welcoming. Nicky is particularly keen on hypnobirthing. I did not get to talk in depth to the other hypnotherapists but each will have their own personal area of expertise and focus. There was a constant supply of people throughout the day who were happy to take advantage of Nicky's skills too. Some of the Hypnotherapists offered past life regression too. 

Adrienne Green, otherwise known as The Balancing Lady

I also met Adrienne Green of The Balance Procedure for the third time and allowed myself a rebalancing. A wholly amazing and fascinating experience that everyone must try at least once. I was so impressed that I plan to attend one of Adrienne's many workshops to learn more about rebalancing.

Body and Healing

Healing with June Staff

Those wanting to work on their body with treatments such as Massage, Reiki and Reflexology had lots of practitioners to choose from with therapy beds at the ready. Reiki therapists were particularly in abundance and I must say I am not surprised as Reiki is wondrous as a therapy. I may be slightly biased though, being a Reiki Level 1 myself.

I did talk at length to the lovely Antonia of ALF Holistic Health. Antonia focuses on therapies for equines, canines and cats which include Kinesiology for Health, Equine Kinesio, Tapping, Reki, Merishia Soft Tissue Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hopi Ear Candling and Reflexology. Phew! Quite a list of talents there but Antonia's personal favourite area of focus lies with Kinesiology hands down. Kinesiology may be less well known but having had this therapy myself with another practitioner last year I am a convert.

Some of the options available included hands on healing but I did not get a chance to talk with any of these people. I have, however, had healing in the past and it truly does have a healing and soothing affect which can benefit you in the long term. Knights Yoga & Beauty were also present so more contemporary boosts for the body were an option too.

The stylish Shirley Webb from Btransformed - a Colour Me Beautiful specialist - was there transforming how we wear our own individual style with colours that suit us the best.

Tracy Gilchrist brought her array of DoTerra essential oils which are known to have many health benefits for all aspects of your life.

Spiritual Matters

Sheila James delivers a reading at Mind Body & Spirit in Kings Lynn

As you would expect, there were a good many mediums and psychics offering readings including readings with Tarot and Angel Cards. I noted some of those offering these options were White Angel, Mr Tracy Cooper from the Spirit Within, and Kimi Denise. I must say Kimmi Denise’s pink stall was beautifully set out too. I also recognised Sheila James from a previous event I had attended so I decided to pay her a visit. I was not disappointed.

Kimmi Denise awaits

One new discovery was Therapies of Hope where I chatted with Jonathan Hope about how he uses modern technology to photograph auras. It was fascinating to learn about the existence of an Auracam! This purpose built device captures Auras, the energy that surrounds each of us and all living things. Auracams comprise a webcam, hand plate, PC and clever software. Jonathan believes that understanding the colours and energy within our Aura allows better understanding of our purpose and can re-balance our lives for the better. Maybe I will have a go at this one day.

Arun the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Man explains the lamps to potential buyers

One of my personal favourites has to be the Himalayan salt lamp stall. I just love the warm ambience that the light creates and seeing a clutch of these lamps lit up just revives me no end. If you have not found Arrun the salt man then do look him up on Facebook if you are interested in these lamps. If he does not have what you are looking for then he will do his best to get it for you.

If the high energy of the day was anything to go by Emma's event will have raised lots of cash to help Festival Too in 2020. Do look out for details of further Purple Events as they get announced via social media. You won't be disappointed, and it is likely you will find Sushma and her Aloe Vera at most of them. If, however, you want to contact Sushma in the meantime I know she would love to hear from you (whether you want to know more about Aloe Vera or whether you are interested in working with her).

You will find Sushma on Facebook, LinkedIn and you can, of course, call her too on 07877 265725.


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